Flat Roof Repair

Just like sloped roofs, at times repairs to flat roofs are necessary to prevent damage to homes in Palm Beach County and Martin County.

The earlier you detect and repair a problem, the more money you’ll save as well as to help extend the life of your flat roof.

The RoofSmith offers a free RoofProofSM Video Inspection to pinpoint and fix the issue as quickly and affordably as possible.

A common problem with flat roofs are leaks, which are typically caused by:

  • Unprofessional installation
  • Age of roof compared to its life expectancy
  • Storm debris damage that rips or punctures the protective surface
  • Blistering, bubbling or uplifting
  • Separation between protective surface and decking
  • Water ponding

Unaddressed issues can quickly result in water intrusion, wood rot, mold, and damage to a home’s insulation and interior.

Homeowners should conduct regular visual inspections looking for these common flat roof problems. Immediately cover the flat roof with plastic sheeting or a tarp to prevent further water damage, then contact The RoofSmith at 561-386-2109 or info@TheRoofSmithFL.com for a free RoofProof Video Inspection and a no-obligation estimate.

Learn if a flat roof repair or re-roof may be in the best interest of your finances, as well as the long-term protection of your house, by reading Repair or Replace Your Roof — Six Things to Consider.


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